May 19, 2010

Summer is Here!

After a week of rain, finally the sun is out and it's getting really warm! Add to that a trip to the cottage this past weekend, and it certainly feels like summer has arrived.

Last week was a pretty crazy week! In addition to days of rain (which equals one ants-in-the-pants, crazy, cabin-fevered Audia), Chris started his NEW JOB! Plus our Anniversary was on Wednesday, Chris' birthday was on Friday, and we went to the cottage this weekend. BUSY week! But so much fun.

Chris' brother was in town, so he and Chris parents all met us up at the cottage for a weekend of fun in the sun. Audia had such a blast with her uncle and grandparents (and Cooper!), and pretty much every time we had to go inside, she threw a fit because she wanted to be outside exploring and playing in the sand. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it a bazillion times more: She really is an outdoor girl!

This year was about a bazillion times better than last year when it came to putting her in a life jacket and taking a ride on the boat. She was such a great sport, and loved helping daddy drive!

Yesterday, we drove down to Rochester to have a play date with N and A. Audia always has so much fun with Autumn. And I, of course, love N's company, so spending time with them is always a blast. N is due with baby #2 any day now! So exciting!

In other news, Audia started saying "Love you" last week! She frequently says "Mommy, Daddy Love you!" It is just to die for! So cute. She also started saying her name perfectly yesterday! Before she always said "Audi" but yesterday finally started adding the third syllable, which is so fun to hear :-) I can't believe that in only one season, our little girl is going to be TWO!!! She is growing up so fast!

May 11, 2010

Talking Up A Storm

Audia has been one heck of a Chatty Cathy lately! She's speaking in sentences pretty regularly now; usually it's only 2 or 3 words strung together, but every now and then she suprises us by saying things like "Walk in a circle!" or "Up on the couch!". She's even started singing her ABC's (granted, she's only made it to "D", but still!) In addition to being able to name pretty much every animal and color under the sun, She can recognize all numbers 1 through 9 now, and she can name about 8 different letters.

Our May has turned out to be more like April weather-wise, but the clouds and humidity have been phenomenal for my rekindled obsession with bubbles! We got a new bubble wand that makes GINORMOUS bubbles, and Audia just loves chasing them around the yard and popping them!

My parents got me a new lens as an early birthday present, and I have been having a lot of fun taking photos of my two loves with it :-) Enjoy!