February 17, 2012

Callen at 8 months

Sheesh! I can't believe we're halfway through February already! We've been pretty busy over here at the CB household between Audia's preschool, eye doctors appts (a different doctor, who actually managed to figure out what's going on with her eye!), and learning how to write her name and Callen's teething, raspberry-blowing, and quickly increasing mobility.

Cal's 8 months already! Home-taken measurements again this month. He's still 21 lbs and is now 30.25" long! In 12 month sized clothes already, I regularly get surprised reactions and 'Wow! he's a big boy'-type comments from strangers when asked how old he is.

-While he is showing much more interest in eating baby food these days, I am a bit concerned at his inability to keep food in his mouth. Early on we noticed that he had tongue tie, but since he wasn't having any troubles latching on and breastfeeding the doc said not to worry about it. Now, however, it seems that it might be posing a problem so we have an appointment next week to discuss his having a lingual frenectomy.
-Along the same vein, he is just now starting to blow raspberries and babble a little bit. Tongue tie can cause delays in speech because of the restricted movement of the tongue (he cannot actually stick his tongue outside of his mouth) so I can't help but feel his delay in babbling is related to this also.
-He is getting so close to crawling 'normally,' and is starting to get up on his knees to reach things on the couches, coffee tables, or toys that are in buckets.
-He still thinks his sister is the most fascinating and most wonderful person on the planet, and also loves to chase Fievel around, grabbing his tail and fur. We are very lucky to have a cat who is not only patient, but actually seems to willingly walk up and sit down next to Callen to let him 'pet' him.
-Our Cal has 7 teeth now, with number 8 just starting to break through a day or two ago. He has been teething since Christmas, so I am hoping this is the last one for a while. Teething has caused quite a disrruption in his sleeping habits, so it has been nice the past couple of nights to only have him waking up once or twice.