December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was delightful. It was the epitome of low key, as it has been for years now since my Aunt Lea and Grandma H passed away. I can certainly see how a big, chaotic, family Christmas would be fun (we did it for years with my dad's side of the family when I was young), but truthfully I cherish the quiet, laid back Christmases we've had the past decade or so.

This year was a lot more fun than last year. Audia is obviously older and much more aware of what's going on. She also now sleeps in a crib, which means Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy their Christmas eve past 7 PM. LOL.
Dinner on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were fantastic, as per usual. And of course the cookies, pie, and fudge were delicious as well!
Helping Pappy cook dinner on Christmas Eve

Audia got all kinds of fun presents this year. It's always been a tradition in my family to open gifts from the family on Christmas Eve and save Christmas morning for presents from Santa. Audia woke up Christmas morning to (among other things) a shopping cart and Elmo Live, which is a fully animatronic Elmo doll. She LOVES him. He sings songs, tells jokes and stories, and blows kisses. She carries him around with her everywhere!

Audia's not so sure about those Santa Bears....

Grandma helping Audia open her new clock toy

Playing with her new bus

Checking out her new Mega Blocks

Family Portrait

Giving Elmo a hug

I was kind of worried about overdoing it with the toys, but I have totally come around. Audia loves them all, and did not have any sort of melt down regardless of the plethora of shiny new things to play with. Thank goodness!

Of course Chris and I got all kinds of nice gifts as well. My bigger gifts were three studio lights, complete with stands, reflectors, and umbrellas. Pretty cool! I am excited to put them to use!

It was a very very White Christmas this year; it started snowing the evening of the 23rd and didn't stop for close to 72 hours. As you can see by the photo below, the snow banks at the street are up to Chris' waist. He's 6 foot 6 inches tall, so that's nothing to scoff at!

Not only did the snow make for a beautiful Christmas, but it is going to make for some very fun Snow Bocce Ball! Now if only we could find some waterproof mittens in Audia's size......we have a couple of pairs of fleece ones, but they don't do much in protecting her from the snow!