March 16, 2010

18 Months Update and Fun Times With the BFF

Audia had her 18 month appointment last Wednesday. She currently weighs 23 lbs and 3 oz and is 34.5" long. This puts her at the 99th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight. Her pediatrician said that because she is gaining weight steadily, and because Chris and I are both so tall, we don't need to worry about the difference between her height and weight percentiles. She's bound to be a long, lean kiddo. (As if we needed her to tell us that....LOL) Right now she is as tall as the average 2 year old! Audia's doc was also very impressed with her vocabulary, which is a nice affirmation that I am justified in feeling a bit dumbfounded when she randomly says words we have not made any sort of effort to teach her. Like when she randomly pointed to a purse at the mall and said "puhs" or when she pointed at an Octopus in a book and said "Ah-puss". Not to mention the fact that she can name all of the main characters in Yo Gabba Gabba and Sesame Street. At this point, she is suprising me on a daily basis with new words. After a few days of it, you'd think I'd get used to it, but I think a part of me figures that she's going to slow down after a little while and instead she seems to be speeding up!

We had a play date with my BFF, N and Audia's BFF, A, on Friday and boy is it fun watching them play together these days! Even the last time we saw them, which was only a couple of weeks ago, Audia and A played next to eachother but not really with eachother, but on Friday, they spent a good 15 minutes chasing eachother around the dining room table, shreiking and giggling.

It was so much fun to watch; by the time they were done, N and I were just as exhausted as the girls were because we had been laughing so hard! I wish I had video of it, but photos will have to do until next time. It is so great to have such a good friend with a daughter the same age as Audia. It will be so much fun to watch them grow up together!
In other news, the weather this weekend was GORGEOUS!! It was sunny and it reached 64 on Sunday, which is unheard of for MN in March. We took advantage by going for a walk at a park nearby and watching the ducks, which Audia loved. Today it is rainy again, and a bit cooler, but it looks like we are done with freezing temperatures until next winter, unless some freak cold front moves through. The grass is starting to turn green, our tulips are peaking through the soil, and I'm sure in no time there'll be buds on the trees. I am so happy to live in a place with seasons again; I didn't realize how much I was missing out on until I moved back!