July 12, 2011

1 Month

One month. Really?! Where it felt like time flew before, it now feels like it's going so fast that I must be missing something. Like maybe I've suddenly developed narcolepsy and am sleeping through half the day and not realizing it. Time is being sucked into some vacuum somewhere, I swear.

The first couple of weeks of Chris being back at work have been quite a roller coaster ride. There are days where it's a breeze; Callen wakes to feed and for a little playtime, but other than that sleeps a lot in his basinette. Other days, he's awake quite a bit more, and refuses to sleep anywhere but on my shoulder. These days are rough. Imagine trying to do everything with one hand. Or setting down a sleeping baby only to rush to get as much as you possibly can done before he wakes up screaming again. Ahh, life with an infant. The good news is that regardless of how the day has gone, Callen sleeps in his basinette just fine at nighttime. He still is waking every 2-3 hours to feed, but when he's full, he sleeps. So we are getting a decent amount of sleep, albeit in 2 to 3 hour spurts.

Callen is still pretty laid back overall, regardless of his clingy days. And, I of course do not blame him for having days where he wants to be held all day. They call it the fourth trimester for a reason! I just wish he would take a bit more liking to being in his sling and/or moby wrap. Or that I could grow a third (and maybe fourth) arm.

Callen is taking bottles without any problems whatsoever, which is HUGE for us (Audia took one. Once. And that was it.)  That combined with his still being 'carseat friendly' makes him a lot easier to get out and about with. I even was able to leave for a few hours this weekend to get manicures with my mom! It was wonderful :-)

As Callen gets older, I think he is looking less and less like his sister did. Here are some photos for comparison. What do you think?

Audia at 1 month
Callen at 1 month

Audia's still adjusting suprisingly well to having a brother. She is still so sweet with him. If he starts crying and I'm in the middle of making lunch or doing dishes or whathaveyou, she will, on her own, go to him and sing him a song or talk to him until I can get to him to pick him up. She still has her moments of wanting me to put Callen down right now so that I can play with her or hold her or help her with something, but the vast majority of the time she is very good about waiting until I can set him down to do what she wants. I am so excited for them to start being able to interact more.



In a way I really miss this time when mine were so small and needed me like this. I know there is the sleep deprivation that comes with it, but it is a precious time for sure. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job xxx