March 27, 2012

Cal at 9.5 months

I waited to do Callen's nine month post until we had his well visit, which was today. Our BIG boy is still growing like a weed, and thankfully is still gaining weight normally even though he hasn't been huge into solids the way Audia was at this age. He's 22.5 lbs and 30.5", putting him in the 75th percentile for weight and off the charts yet again for height. His doctor told me that he is the size of the average 15 month old boy!

While he still isn't hugely interested in baby food or being fed from a spoon, he is hugely interested in anything and everything that we might be eating. The only caveat is that he be fed what we're eating from our fingers. The exception to this rule seems to be puffs and cheerios; he will eat them by himself no problem.

Our little man has been crawling 'normally' for a few weeks now, and just recently has started pulling himself up to stand and even transferring between objects while standing. Though he isn't technically cruising just yet, it is just around the corner!
Callen is OBSESSED with wheels. He loves spinning them with his hands and rolling anything on wheels around on the floor. He also has been huge into hammering things lately, and banging toys together to make as much noise as humanly possible. He also likes throwing balls and other small hand-sized toys.
It's a wheel!
Overall our happy, laid-back boy is still just that. He has gotten a lot better at letting us know when he wants something via whining, but he still amazes me daily with how easy going and happy he is. We certainly are lucky to have him in our lives!