April 11, 2012

Callen at 10 months

Oh my goodness. It's April! Then May. Then he'll be ONE YEAR OLD! Not to mention my 30th birthday is somewhere in there, too. I just can't comprehend it.
Our sweetheart of a little man is getting closer and closer to walking solo. He's been cruising around the furniture for a couple of weeks now and in the past couple of days has started letting go of the furniture to stand unassisted for a few seconds before sitting down. He is also starting to lift his arms to be picked up, and I could swear that he's said "Hi" and actually meant it a few times now. He still loves banging things to make noise, is still obsessed with anything that spins, and has recently discovered his ability to throw and bounce balls, which he loves to do.
Seeing Audia and Callen's relationship developing is so much fun. They play so well together 95% of the time, and listening to them talk to eachother (well, Audia talks and Callen babbles) and shreik and laugh at eachother is one of my favorite things. Callen of course wants to be in on anything that Audia is doing which is ok with her most of the time. She also regularly initiates play with Cal by calling him over to her and playing with his toys with him.
Unfortunately Callen has been sick the past few days, and sick enough that I brought him in to the doctor yesterday to make sure that he didn't have strep or something more serious (diagnosis was Coxsackievirus, which he should be over in a day or two) but the silver lining is that I get an official weight for his 10 month blog post :-) Cal is now 23 lbs, 6 oz. Getting him to lie still long enough to measure his length at this point is a fool's errand so I will not even bother trying. I am pretty sure he is still off the charts in height as he seemed to grow out of his 12 month sized clothes overnight on Saturday and is now in 18 month size!



Love the 'he loves banging things' and hearing how A and C get along. Smiles.