July 16, 2012


Whew. What a summer this has been so far! We moved at the beginning of the month into a much bigger place; from a tiny 2-bedroom apartment to a (what seems to us, anyways) ginourmous 3-bedroom townhouse! It is a bit more than double the size of our apartment, and on three levels, so nice and sound-proof when the kids are sleeping, which is FABULOUS! Our place is in a gorgeous area called 'The Preserve' and aptly so! We are surrounded by wooded areas, marshes, and a bazillion walking trails, little private neighborhood-only parks and playgrounds, and the biggest bonus is a 3/4 acre natural sand-bottom, filtered and treated swimming pool! It is basically a lake that they have hooked up a filtration system to. We haven't had a chance to venture over there yet, but it is on our agenda in the near future!

Audia took the move quite a bit harder than I expected it to, but she seems to be settling in a bit now (even though just yesterday she told us that she misses our 'little apartment,') and her behavior/mood seems to gradually be leveling out a bit.

We are still not even close to being totally unpacked, which has been a struggle for me sanity-wise. Unpacking whilst watching two youngins (or at least my two youngins...) is pretty much ridiculous. We moved on Sunday the first, Chris worked Monday and Tuesday, then we had Wednesday (the 4th of July) to get bigger projects done (I painted Callen's room, Chris worked on unpacking the playroom) and then Chris was back at work Thursday. Friday we went up to the cottage to be with his entire immediate family minus Brent's fiance, who was ill (boo!) for the weekend, which means nothing got done that weekend. (Photos from our visit below!) We have been getting things unpacked here and there as time and the children allow but keeping up with dishes and laundry on top of unpacking, as well as having regular playdates to keep Audia from feeling like her life has been totally upheaved, has me beyond exhausted. We did make quite a dent this past weekend but I still feel like we have so much to do....We definitely are not moving again until the kids are old enough to pack and unpack their own stuff!

In other news, Callen is now walking 98% of the time! He's been taking steps solo for a while now but just this past weekend he's started walking full-time. It is so fun to see him cruising around....and a bit scary....dude is fast! It's so fun to see how proud he is of himself when now that he can follow his sister around upright. In no time he'll be chasing her!

Playing with Cousin Courtney


That Auntie Heather is funny :-)

Loving the lake

Mustachioed Nephews

Silly Cousins
Lance and Levi

Tubing Extravaganza

Audia's first time tubing

Family shot!



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