September 4, 2012

Fair Fun 2012

We made it out to the Minnesota State Fair three times this year! Once with my parents, once with my college roomie, Sha (that's a nickname, not her real name. Ha!), and her hubby and little boy, who came from AZ to visit while the fair was running because she's heard me talk about it so many times that she decided she had to see it for herself, and once with our good friends J and L, both of whom I've known since I was a teenager. Unfortunately the stars did not align with scheduling and we did not get to make our annual trip out with friends N, D, A, M, and A this year, but hopefully next year we can make it happen!
What follows are just a few of the many photos we got at the fair this year, trying to cover all of the best parts of the fair and all of the fun that we had :-)

The Carousel was more of a hit with Audia this year

Petting the Bunnies

Checking out the horses

Bumper Boats!



The Mighty Midway

Audia cried when we told her she was too young to go in the Haunted House....

Sha kicked N's butt....

Scotch Eggs

Cal was a pro at taking naps at the fair by the last day we visited!

Audia adored Sha's son, T.

Butterheads, anyone?

Cheese Curds!!!

Photo with Fairchild, the State Fair Mascot

Gotta ride the Giant Slide!


J wanted to check out the hunting stuff...

Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads.....

Family Photo

The kids love the construction equipment

Crop Art

Pronto Pups

Had to hit up that Carousel one last time!