March 9, 2009

6 Months?!

Audia turned 6 months old yesterday. Half a year!! I can't believe it. Actually, yes, I can. Our little munchkin is growing so fast that we are forced to recognize how long it's been since her birth! You can never truly understand how fast time goes when you have a child until you've had one. It is insane how much faster time is going this year than it did last year at this time.

Audia spent her birthday playing and running errands with us. We bought her an Elmo drum set for her birthday present, which she just loves. I do not know what it is about Elmo and babies, but she just LOVES Elmo!

Today was (barring any illness or injury) our last appointment with Dr. W. since we are planning on moving to Minnesota in April and her next appointment won't be until she's 9 months. This is a sad thing; I've really grown to like and trust Dr. W. She is always so gentle and playful with our little bug, and never seems to be in a rush or distracted when we see her. As for the appointment itself, it went really well. Audia is still doing great according to Dr. W. She's in the 75th percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height. She now weighs 7 lbs, 11 oz and is 27.5 Inches tall.
We were given the OK to start her on solid foods, which we did today! What fun that was! We are starting with Rice Cereal for the first couple of weeks and then can start introducing her to veggies, then fruit. She is already eating like a pro; slurping the cereal right off the spoon and reaching for more. She certainly seemed to like it! I've posted a video for those who'd like to see the fun we had.



Wait....what?!?!? You're moving to MN? When did you decide this? Holy cow! That's awesome! Call me! I want to hear all about your plans!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDIA!!!! Wow, she is growing fast, isn't she?! So sweet....

Sarah Lilly

Are you guys moving for sure? :( I can't believe you are moving next month! We need to discuss this! Btw, try oatmeal after rice. Emme thought the rice cereal was ok and got sick of it after a few days but LOVES the oatmeal. There is something about Oatmeal cereal, every baby I know loves it!


It's crazy how 'old' she's getting! My niece is almost 16 months old... and it's insane! She went from infant to running around, it seems, and she knows animal sounds (and chased our kitties saying meeeeow! this past weekend) and LOVES elmo. He's red and fuzzy - I guess that's what does it for children! ;)

I can't wait to hear more details about the MN move... I assume you'll be with your parents for a little while? Give me more details!