March 25, 2009

Well, Audia and I are sick again. :-( We both are pretty congested, sneezing and sniffling and coughing, and I have a killer headache. I must say that while she is definitely having a hard time with sleeping, she is in much better spirits than I. The past few days, she has been so extremely vocal, squealing and babbling a TON, and giggling at everything, even seemingly at nothing (she must have some inside jokes that we're not privy to.) Everyone always says she seems like such a happy baby, and she really is. I feel so lucky to have a baby that smiles and laughs as much as she does; even when she's feeling crabby, she still has a smile and a giggle for me. I only hope her happy-go-lucky nature will carry through her teens ;-)

My mom and dad are coming out here to visit for a week on Sunday so hopefully we will be better by then!

Audia is finally sitting on her own for longer than 2 seconds, which is exciting! It is pretty funny because she skipped over the whole sitting using her arms to prop her up and went straight to sitting without needing her hands. And she has figured out how to move forward on her belly, doing the 'army crawl' (although she hasn't totally mastered this, she has done it quite a few times). I am hoping that she will hold off on the crawling thing until we are moved to MN and have babyproofed out there.....

Attached is a video of her playing with daddy earlier today. Enjoy!