April 8, 2009

7 months!

Our little girl is 7 months old today! It is crazy to think that when we met our friend Jan's daughter, Abby, 7 months ago, she was 7 months old. I remember thinking how big she was compared to our tiny newborn daughter, and how much more interactive she was. It really is so easy to lose sight of how quickly they grow when you're busy chasing that baby around all day long. I mean, sure, I realize that she is growing like a weed, but it is easy to forget how incredibly small she once was. It is so funny to remember how stressed out we were by her hatred of her car seat; at the time it seemed like she would never get over it, but now she is perfectly content in the car. Just when you think she's locked into a specific behavior, she switches it up on us. I'm sure it's a foreshadowing of how things will be the rest of our lives!

We measured and weighed her today and she is now 18 lbs and 28 inches! She's been scooting all over the place and is moving herself into a sitting position regularly. The past couple of days she's actually gotten up on her knees a couple of times, but never for longer than a couple of seconds. Although I'm sure that won't last! I am still holding out hope that she'll hold off on the crawling until we've moved and baby proofed at my parents though.

Audia is still fascinated with Cooper; she loves watching him run around, and laughs when he races around the back yard. She is constantly going up to him when he's on his dog bed in the living room and focuses in on his paws, pincer-grasping them and driving him nuts! But he is such a good pup; very patient and gentle. I am sure they are going to be life-long friends :-)

In other news, I think Audia's teething again. I can see two white spots on her upper gum where I am guessing her two front teeth are trying to emerge. She's not quite as fussy this time around, but she does still have her moments.

I made a quick slideshow of pics from the past 7 months to show how much she's changed and grown already. Enjoy!



Crazy that she is as old as Abby was when they first met! Wow!Pretty soon she will be a crazy little toddler chasing boys and dancing to N'Sync (that is, if she's anything like her mother she will be..heehe). What a cutie pie....loved the slideshow:-) Miss you guys!