April 9, 2009


Audia tried Gerber's "Puffs" for the first time today! For those of you without children, Puffs are small, cheerio-sized, cheerio-like nibblits for babies and toddlers. They come in all kinds of different flavors, and are supposed to be better for babies than cheerios because A) they are made from fruits and/or vegetables and B) they melt in baby's mouth thus reducing the chance of choking. A is a load of BS because sugar is like the 3rd ingredient, but B is a big plus.

Anyways, Audia did GREAT with her first finger food! She immediately picked one up and tried to put it in her mouth (the things get sticky fast because they are "melt-able" so they tend to stick to lips and fingers, making them difficult to get all the way INTO her mouth) but she sure seemed to like them, and certainly embraces this new-found freedom of feeding herself!

You can see a video of the experience here: http://www.ericacarlson.com/videos.htm




Puffs are great...Kelly and I refer to them as baby crack... babies will do anything for them! They are great for keeping your little one occupied at restaurants and on long flights. How fun to begin the self-feeding stage! It is awesome when they can feed themselves! Congrats, Audia!

Sarah Lilly

Emme started those this last weekend too! I didn't know if you knew but they actually make organic ones that are just like the Gerber ones but they have less sugar I believe. Happy Baby is the brand and I just got them at Babies R Us. Emme does the same thing with trying to get it in her mouth. She tries but sometimes it gets stuck in her hand and she doesn't realize it's there, too funny!