August 21, 2009


Random blog thoughts today. Bullet points are the only way to go, really....

  • There's enough work at JB Metalworks that Chris will be returning to IL again Sunday evening for a third week of work. This is great for our bank account, but not so great for my heart. I miss my Uber. :-( At least he'll be here this weekend. On the plus side, he'll be in IL for his dad's birthday next week, which will be nice.
  • I have become addicted to the TV show 'True Blood'. Anna Paquin is the show's only downfall. I really like her character, Sookie, but I feel like I am watching Anna act like Sookie, rather than watching her BE Sookie. All of the other actors on the show, though, make up for Anna's crappy acting. And I do love me some vampires. A Bonus is that one of the vampires is Swedish, and he even speaks Swedish on the show (most of which I actually understand, thank you very much!). Swedish vampires are even more fun than English vampires :-)
  • I really wish I could pull off the 1950's look. You know, thick bangs, dark, wavy hair, ruby red lipstick and some great polka dotted dresses. Either I'm too chicken or too smart to go that route....perhaps a little of both.
  • My TMJ finally seems to be under control; for the first time in about 3 and a half weeks, I can actually close the right side of my mouth all the way. Funny thing is, I got so used to not being able to close it that I stopped trying, and I haven't had any pain for over a week. Shows you how quickly you can adapt and compensate for something.
  • Audia's 1st birthday is only 18 days away and I haven't a clue what to get her. I mean, of course we'll get her a new toy, but I really want to get her a keepsake-type gift, maybe something that I can add to or get her every year for her birthday, which she'll appreciate when she's older. But, of course, nothing too expensive because we are pinching pennies. Any ideas?


Sarah Lilly

For Emme's upcoming birthday, I got her a little swarovski crystal ladybug. We call her buggy so I thought it was the perfect gift, not to mention I love swarovski and it was only $35 so bonus! I know she won't use it now or appreciate it but I had the same idea, I wanted to get her alittle keepsake gift for when she is older. They had other little animals too like frogs etc. Do you have a nickname for her? You could get her something that corresponds with her nickname if you do. Just a thought, not sure if it's helpful or not...