August 25, 2009

Weekend Family Time

Chris suprised Audia and me by staying in MN an extra day, and leaving for IL Monday instead of Sunday. It was so nice to have a whole weekend with him! My parents were on vacation in Grand Marais, so we got to spend a quiet weekend just the three of us, which was much needed and very appreciated.

We ran errands, went for walks, hung out in the back yard, and had a picnic at Arneson Acres, which I haven't been to since probably 2002....I used to hang out there all the time with my friends in High School (and the summers I came home from college), and it's just as pristine and picture-perfect (and quiet!) as I remember it. It is so funny to me (funny interesting, not funny haha) that such a gorgeous park exists and yet no one ever seems to be there when I go. When I was in HS, I always said that if I got married in MN, it's where I'd want to get married. (and our friends, J and A, did get married there last year!) It's an amazing spot for photos!