January 13, 2010


Anytime anyone refers to Audia as a baby (as in "she's such a beautiful baby" or "I can watch the baby"), I get kind of annoyed. Of course she'll always be "my baby", but she is so not a baby. She is a toddler, through and through. It is impossible to spend more than 2 seconds with her and not see that she is an actively curious, asserting-independence, testing-everything-to-the-limit, walking, talking toddler.

She definitely is to the stage where she knows exactly what she wants. She will frequently ask for "Emmo"(Elmo) if he's not in the room. She will ask for a hot dog at 9 am and refuse to eat anything else. And she is ridiculously insistent that her daddy follow her around the house whenever he's around, which she communicates by pulling him, by his pointer finger, everywhere she goes.

The weather's warmed up a bit here in Minnie (and by "warmed up" I mean "in the upper 20's"), so we took her out in the back yard yesterday to test out her new sled. I was figuring that she'd be entertained for a couple of minutes, and then be done, as she usually is with the snow outside. But, as she loves to do, she proved me wrong by loving it, and getting upset when, after a half hour of making her daddy drag her around the back yard, I decided it was time to go in and warm up. She really is an outdoor girl!

In other news, she has finally figured out how to climb up on the furniture. Which is both awesome and scary.
She's also recently started asking me to sing by pointing at my mouth and saying "Sih!" She then puts her head on my shoulder usually for the entire duration of the song. When I finish, she usually asks me to sing again. It's ridiculously, heart-meltingly sweet. (Although I am a bit worried that maybe she is tone deaf. My singing is not something anyone ever wants to hear.....)
It is so amazing to look back on photos and videos of our little munchkin and see how FAR she's come!! A year ago, everything still was so new. Every little change in her behavior seemed life-altering: "is this normal?" "is she sick?" "is she developing ok?". Now, I look back on that new mother I was and giggle. I know it was totally normal for me to be that way about every little thing, but I also know there is no way I will be like that with our next child. I guess it's probably time I change my blog title to "A mother's bleary-eyed ramblings".



Yup, you should change the title of your blog. You are an old pro now:-)

Isn't it funny how they can now express what they want (in pleasant or not-so-pleasant ways) and how you have to stay on your toes to still be in control? Haha. What am I talking about? We are SO not in control anymore. Oh well. Glad she is doing so well! Miss you guys!


Ahh....she's come along so much! And so have you! Keep up the good stuff, E.