February 3, 2010


I'll be completely honest here. I am terrified of cutting Audia's hair. And it's not just that I am scared to do it myself, but I am scared to have anyone else cut it as well. Now, I am not blind. I am well aware that her hair has passed the 'disheveled' phase. She is well into Keith Urban hair territory. I have been asked by numerous people when we are going to cut her hair. But here's the thing: I don't wanna!

Now, some of this fear is justified. I had a terrible haircut as a kid. It was AWFUL. See proof below. I had full, thick, not-at-all-flattering bangs that went straight across my forehead forever. And I recently found evidence of when those terrible bangs started, which is around the age that Audia is now. I had horrible hair until I was old enough to understand that it was horrible (which was much later than a lot of my friends), at which point I asked if I could grow it out. Thankfully I had supportive parents who let me do pretty much whatever I wanted to do with my hair, within reason. But that doesn't make up for years of photos of me looking like this. When I ask my mom what she was thinking with that cut, her response is always the same "I took you to a professional!" Which only reiterates that even a professional doesn't necessarily know what the hell they are doing. And so, I am hoping that I am not making a mistake by just letting Audia's hair grow. I figure a few months of bad pictures is better than a few years, right? And I can always put it in pigtails or a ponytail when we're going out in public.
Dear Audia, please don't be mad at me for letting you look like a disheveled mess for a few months. I am doing it because I love you. And besides, you are cute no matter what. Love, mom



I think her curls and whisps are adorable!! But I can understand why you are hesitant to cut it, though! From someone who used to cut hair.. Audia's hair really isn't bad. Keith Urban isn't really an accurate description, at least not in my opinion. Now, if Audia's hair was highlighted, lowlighted AND pieced out with some hair wax... well, that would be different.

I think all kids have a bad haircut at some point in their life and although I remember how traumatic it was when I also learned how bad it really was, I think it's part of growing up! :) My hair was cut into a bob, right under my ears, making my head look like a different kind of head, if you know what I mean..

My suggestion to you - if you are out and about and see a tot with cute hair, just ask his/her parents where they have it cut! I'm guessing it will NOT be Kids Hair.