September 27, 2010

Meet Fievel

Well, after much deliberation, and quite a bit of convincing on my part, Chris and I finally decided to introduce a furry critter back into our family. While anyone who knew me in my youth would swear up and down that I am a dog person (I was OBSESSED!), and while I still do enjoy dogs quite a bit, my journey down the path that is adulthood has faded the 'dog person' label and placed a fresh, clean 'cat person' label on top of it.
Dogs are a lot more responsibility than I am willing to accept in addition to my beloved title of 'Mommy.' Cats, on the other hand, are pretty independent, and yet still fulfill that deep-seated need, in my heart of hearts, to have a furry friend to lounge and play with.

Fievel, as it turns out, is the perfect fit for our family. We went to the Humane Society and looked at a few different kittens. I was a little worried at first that while he was the best choice of the kittens we looked at, he wasn't obviously a lap kitty in the way that my previous cat, Sparrow, was. But he proved himself to be just that. Within a couple hours of bringing him home, he climbed right into my lap, curled up, and slept. He is also amazingly patient with Audia, letting her hug and pet him. He will even follow her into her bedroom and sit on her bed while she flips through pages in her books.Just yesterday, Audia said "Fievel Audia's best friend forever and ever!" And I believe that is the truth!