September 3, 2010


August came and went without a single blog entry?! Where the heck have I been?? LOL. With an almost 2-year old (next week, to be exact!), time really manages to get away from me.
Let's see if I can do a semi-quick recap of the end of summer (which it really feels like, as today it is quite cool, cloudy, and extremely windy! No slow transition into fall. Just BAM! Here it is!):
We had a couple of playdates with our BFFs, N and A.
My first friend from college, Janice (aka Mommy On The Move) was out here visiting family for a little while at the beginning of the month, so we had the benefit of seeing her and her family. Audia absolutely loved playing with so many kids around her age, and weeks later still says "Mommy, see Abby see Jake!" One time, when I told her that we cant, she cocked her head to the side with a disappointed look on her face and said "Yeah, Texas." (where Abby and Jake live) She cracks me up!

We spent a lot of time outdoors, though less time than we'd have liked. It got super hot mid-August (90's with 70% humidity), and the mosquitos are especially bad this year. Poor Munchkin got her mommy's mosquito magnetism...they flock to us and pretty much leave Chris totally alone.
We went to the cottage for a three day weekend to see Nana, Grandpa Mustache, Uncle Brent, and Cooper. Audia loves it up there so much. She asks to go to the cottage at least once a week, and always throws in "see Bana, Grampa Nash, and Cooper!" when she asks about it. I feel so lucky that she (we) has such a special place to go and spend time with family in the warmer months. And that she will grow up knowing the same excitement, exploration, and relaxation that her daddy grew up knowing :-)
Last, but certainly not least, we of course went to the Minnesota State Fair! We went twice this year; once with my parents, and once with D, N, and A. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and Audia loved it so much that both times when we left, she got upset and said that she wanted to "stay at fair!" All the people watching, great food, and animals.....who could blame her?? Nothing beats the Great Minnesota Get Together!



She looks more and more grown up with each passing day:-) So glad I got to share some of your summer with you. Hopefully it won't be next summer before we see each other again. Love you, friend:-)