July 28, 2010

Summer 2010 Audiaisms

Audia pretty much keeps me laughing 24/7. The things that come out of her mouth range from hysterical to amazing to horrifying. Here are a few examples from the past couple of months:

  • While I was getting packed for the cottage, Audia came up to me and said "Look, mommy! Boobies!" I look down and she has two crumpled up reciepts stuffed into her tank top.....in the proper location, no less!
  • When I told her one day that we were going with Grandma to the Galleria, she said "Buy Audia new toy!" (maybe a sign that her grandma buys her too many toys?!?!)
  • One morning while I was getting dressed, Audia was looking through a book that had a picture of a cat in it and she said "Audia kitty cat please!" I said to her, "You'll need to ask daddy for a kitty. Maybe he'll get you one," to which she replied, "Audia talk daddy want kitty cat please."
  • One day while I was doing some stuff on the computer, she was playing on the floor near my feet. I guess I was subconsciously wiggling my toes, because she came over, put her hand on my foot, and said, "Toes down, please!" When I stopped wiggling them, she said "Love you, toes!"
  • I walked into the room while she was playing and she said "Go away please. Audia leave alone." (so independent already!)
  • When walking with our friends M and O, M said to Audia "You are so silly!" to which Audia replied, "No! Audia happy!"
  • One morning when Audia woke up, I asked her if I should turn the light on and she said "No! Audia sleep more!"