July 5, 2010

Summertime fun

We sure have been busy here at the CB house. Last weekend we had the pleasure of spending the weekend up at the cottage with Chris' parents and Cooper, who once was our dog and is now theirs (though I still refer to myself as his mommy because, after all, I did raise him!). The weather was gorgeous, and we had a lot of fun outside. We went for a nature walk and went swimming and played on the beach. Audia loves her Nana (who she still calls "Bana", which is also her word for Banana...) and Grandpa Mustache (who she calls "Grandpa Nash") so much, and adores Coopy almost as much. He is much more kid-friendly than my parents dog, Buddy, who pretty much avoids Audia when he can.

This past week Audia and I started swimming lessons, which really is more just like swimming time. No formal teachings whatsoever, just getting used to the water and playing with toys and mingling with other babies. She is the oldest in the class by 3 months, and the youngest is 6 months. And, she is by far the most willful (no big suprise) and vocal. She really enjoys swimming, but has no interest in floating on her back or her tummy. I'm hoping she'll be more comfortable with time.
Fourth of July weekend has been nice. We've been doing a lot of lounging and playing. On Saturday we went with N, D, and A to a nearby lake to go swimming and have a picnic. The girls seemed to have a blast, and of course we parents did too. The time always goes by too fast when we hang out with them, though! The day flew by in a flash. We didn't partake in any July 4th festivities. We ran some errands, did some lounging, and after Audia was in bed, we met N and D for some pie (I guess that's kind of American, yes?) and managed to catch some fireworks from the street outside of where we got our pie.