July 28, 2010

Where, oh where did July go?!

We've certainly been keeping busy this summer! Let's see, what've we done since I last wrote??

Well, we had a bocce ball party a couple of weekends ago. Audia really loved all the company (and attention!), and kept things interesting by moving people's bocce balls around.

The following weekend, we went up to the cottage for a long weekend. Chris took Friday off of work, and when we got there, decided to call in and take Monday off too :-) It was the perfect weekend to do it; the weather was absolutely gorgeous during the days and stormy at night.
Our friends N, D, and A came up on Saturday and stayed over Saturday night. It was so much fun! The girls seemed to have a blast together, and of course we adults enjoyed ourselves as well :-)

N, D, and A left midday Sunday, and Chris' mom came up with Cooper on Sunday afternoon. Audia loved seeing them both! Nana helped to teach Audia some of Coopy's hand signals, and I think she did a pretty good job of telling him what to do!

The skies that night were absolutely gorgeous! We were all sad to leave Monday afternoon. Hopefully we'll get up there again a few times before it starts to get chilly!

Last week, Audia was introduced to her new favorite toy. Out with stickers (last month's obsession) and in with

Play Doh!

She literally asks to play with it Every. Single. Day. She loves the stuff! And, as a bonus, she hasn't put it in her mouth once! (I was a notorious eater of play doh)

This week has been busy as well! We had a play date with N, A, and baby M on Monday morning, and yesterday we joined the three of them at the zoo! It was a blast.

The girls were so cute! Audia walked up to Autumn at one point and said "Hold Autumn's hand?" and they walked around for a while holding hands.

Baby M is such a little champ! He is only 2 months old, and he slept pretty much the entire time we were at the zoo! He only woke up for a little while when we were riding the tram. Get a load of this handsome dude!

I sure hope my second child is as easy as he seems to be (at least in comparison to other babies I've known...ahem....AUDIA!)

Today was shopping with Grandma, and tomorrow will be an afternoon outing with our friend Kit....we are keeping busy, that's for sure!