November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year was so much fun! It was fun last year two, of course, but this year Audia really understood the idea of it, and we went trick or treating for the first time, which she absolutely loved. She's still asking me if we can "go trick or treating tonight?"

A couple months ago, I started talking to her about it, and asking her what she wanted to be. The answer was always the same: "a doggy!"

We started celebrations by meeting up with N, D, A, and baby M and some of their family at the mall for some indoor trick or treating. Audia and A held hands right away, something that melts my heart everytime I see it! They really do seem to enjoy each other thoroughly, and it makes me so happy! They looked so cute together, little Minnie and puppy dog walking hand-in-hand. They were by far the cutest kids at the mall (though I'll admit that just maybe I am a little bit biased)

After the mall, we said goodbye to our friends and went to my parents house to hang out and have some dinner. Audia's favorite part of Halloween already proved to be sorting her candy. I cannot tell you how many times she took her candy, one by one, out of her bucket, making Grandpa tell her what each one was before setting it down on the table. I am still doing this with her on a daily basis!

After dinner, Chris and I took Audia trick or treating around my parents neighborhood. We know a few of the neighbors, so it was fun to see some friends. By the end of the night, Audia was a pro at ringing door bells and yelling "Trick or Treat!"



Cute little puppy doggy!! That's so funny that she loved sorting her candy. Abby did the same thing...that is, until she realized how tasty the cany was. Now she just dumps it all out and eats as much as possible before I stop her:-)