November 12, 2010


So I haven't really written any updates lately on things Audia's doing or is into.
Here's a quick rundown of her personality these days:

  • She still loves baby dolls, and takes very good care of them, pushing them in her stroller, feeding them, even strapping them into her high chair.
  • She has recently started asking, very frequently, what things mean. I'll be in the middle of saying something to her and she'll interrupt me to ask me "what does ****** mean?" where ****** is a word that I just said.
  • She loves making funny faces at us, and for us to make funny faces back at her. She's quite the mimick!
  • Her interest in play doh has waned and developed into an interest in stacking the play doh containers. She'll stack them as high as she can and then knock them over.
  • She LOVES flash cards. She got a set of alphabet flash cards as a gift from her cousin a month or so ago, and she loves going through them, naming the pictures and the letters on the cards.
  • She is really into the puzzles she got from Auntie J for her birthday. She turns them all over, letting the pieces fall to the floor, and then puts them all back in the right places.
  • She is still obsessed with books. Some of them she even has memorized, and I can hear her reciting them as she flips through the pages in her bedroom. She will literally spend 30 minutes taking each one off of the book shelf in her room, flipping through the pages and reading to herself.
  • She still loves hot dogs, green beans, pretty much any pork product, pears, bananas, and tator tots. She has added to this list Mac and Cheese, fruity candy (from halloween....she has little interest in the chocolate,) graham crackers, carrots, and hummus.
  • She has finally started showing more interest in Fievel, and they are a great pair! She will play with him and chase him around, then stop only to have him start chasing her! He puts up with so much, it still suprises me. Though I have found him hiding out, sleeping, in the front hall closet once or twice so I do think he gets tired of her from time to time :-)