March 6, 2011

Audia's First Haircut

So, I know I said a while ago that I was going to let Audia's hair grow until she was old enough to ask for a haircut herself. I truly had full intentions of following that; personally I think little girls with long hair are adorable, and I had one terrible haircut for my entire toddlerhood; one that it took years to grow out to looking "normal." That said, Audia's hair was very fine and curly when she was born. Now, it is a bit thicker and straight. The past couple of months, the fine curly ends have been a total nightmare to comb through (though I must say, completely adorable when they were tamed!), creating a huge daily battle between Audia and me just to get her hair detangled. So, Chris and I decided that we needed to at least get the ends trimmed off.

After doing a bunch of research online for places that cut kids hair, I figured Kids Hair would be the best option, especially for something as simple as a trim. I didn't want bangs or a bob or layers...just cut off the darn curls so that her hair will stop giving us so much trouble! We figured a kids hair place would be best because hey, they work with kids every day and there are tvs with kids shows and toys and suckers to distract them, and mainly that they would know what they're doing. You think they'd, at the very least, know how to interact with a child, right? Yeah, that was my reasoning too.

We made her appointment for this weekend so that we could both be there. We went 10 minutes early so she could see the other kids getting their hair cut and have a chance to take it all in. Unfortunately for us, the guy who was going to cut her hair apparently knows nothing about children, or at least toddlers. When they called her name, I told him right away that this was her first haircut. We walk back to the chair and he, without even so much as saying "hi" to Audia or introducing himself, picks her up out of Chris' arms and puts her in the barber seat. Audia, of course, flips out and practically launches herself out of the chair, back into Chris' arms, screaming and crying that she wants to go home. We gave her a few minutes to calm down, but to no avail. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the stylist after that, and who could blame her?

Long story short, I did it myself. After we got home, I searched you tube videos on how to cut kids hair, went out and bought some barber shears, and went for it. And, I must say, it went a lot better than I expected! She sat still the ENTIRE time, thanks to Toy Story, and I think it looks pretty darn good for someone who's never cut hair before. Now, here's hoping we can make it another two and a half years without a haircut!



Well done E! Her hair looks super great and Toy Story comes to the rescue again!