April 6, 2011

30 weeks

I've said it a few times already, but I seriously can't believe how fast this pregnancy seems to be speeding by compared to my first. I'm already 3/4 of the way done, and that's assuming Callen sticks to his due date! (I have a gut feeling that he'll be early.) I am sure that a lot of it is because of how busy my life is with Audia, but I think part of it is also because I've been through it before. It is amazing how much more relaxed I am about things this time around, especially considering the fact that this pregnancy has been significantly harder for me physically. I can only imagine how much more relaxed I'll be in parenting Callen vs. Audia.

So, here I am at 30 weeks with Callen.

And here I was at 28 weeks with Audia.
Yah. BIG difference. I still, at 30 weeks, have not reached the weight I was at my 8 week appointment with Audia.

I've finished all of the projects that I wanted to get done before Callen's arrival well in advance of when I thought I would. I finally finished his blanket.
And I painted a canvas to put above his crib.

Audia, of course, wanted a canvas for her room, too, which I also did.

So now I'm out of projects 9 weeks ahead of schedule and am itching to find something new to tackle! Any suggestions? Having had something to keep my craft monster well-fed every day at nap time for the past 7 months, I suddenly feel lost without anything to work on!

In other news, Monday was the first time that we had to bring Audia into the doctor for an emergency consult. Considering that she's 2.5, and how distracted (I am trying very hard not to use the word c-l-u-t-z)she can be while running, that's pretty amazing. She tripped and nose-dove into the bench of a picnic table and I was certain that she broke her nose. No blood, but severe swelling and a healthy dose of bruising immediately after it happened. Luckily, the doc doesn't think it's broken, and though she said it would look worse before it looked better, it was looking much less bruised yesterday and today you can hardly tell that anything happened.

Spring finally seems to be shoving winter aside for good, so we have some fun outdoor stuff planned for the rest of the week and this weekend. Photos to follow :-)



What a sweet blog this is. I just read through a few of your posts and you're not only a cute mom, but an insightful one. Your post about letting your kids know that parenting is hard was touching.

Good luck to you.


I love the names of your kids, they are so original! And my gosh you look so slim! Like there's just a little basketball under your shit and that's all! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well!