April 27, 2011

Spring Fever

Spring has been a bit wishy-washy for us this year. I have been joking that Mother Nature has developed a sudden case of bi-polarism, and we need to find a way to get her to take some lithium to curb it. It'll be in the 60's and sunny for a couple of days and then we'll get SNOW. Seriously, Mom N. It's almost May. As much as I love the snow in the winter, and roll my eyes at people who complain about it then, I have jumped on the complaining bandwagon now. April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. When those showers involve SNOW, I am pretty sure that they are killing the flowers that we are supposed to be seeing in May. Not cool. So, we've been trying to take advantage of every warmer, sunny day we get by planning things outside. Since my last post, we've gone to the Zoo with N and A,


And took a trip to the playground with Grandma

Tried out Audia's new trike and played in the back yard with Grandma and Grandpa,

 And spent a good part of Easter playing in my parents back yard.

(among a few other un-photographed outings.) And while we have been having a lot of fun, it does feel like a bit of a tease. Especially for my poor Audia, who doesn't understand why we were outside playing in the warm sun on Monday and then yesterday and today we have to stay inside to play and put on our winter jackets when we go outside. Although I suppose it is a good lesson in flexibility.