September 6, 2011

Audia's 3rd Birthday Party

While Audia's birthday isn't until Thursday, we had her party this past weekend. Audia's favorite movie these days is Disney's 'Peter Pan.' So, of course she wanted a Peter Pan themed party. Unfortunately she is about 15 years late on the Peter Pan wagon, and it is near impossible to find any party supplies that are Peter Pan themed. There are plenty of Tinkerbell supplies, but she isn't into Tinkerbell as much as she's into Peter Pan himself, as well as Wendy, John, Michael, and Captain Hook. We did manage to find a life-sized Peter Pan cutout online but it was wicked expensive with shipping, and we just couldn't justify spending upwards of $40 for a piece of cardboard. The stars aligned, however, and just a couple of weeks ago my parents needed to buy a new fridge. While I of course am not happy that they needed to buy a new one, my mom has been saying for a few months that she thought theirs was on it's way out, so I am just glad that they needed one when they did. They gave me the box, and I borrowed a good friend's projector to make our own life sized Peter Pan. We took photos of all of the guests with Peter, and I intend to make a little photo album for Audia of all of her family and friends with her beloved Peter Pan. I'll let the rest of the party happenings speak for themselves through photos....

Searching for buried treasure

Decorating their pirate hats

Nana and Grandpa Mustache came from Illinois to be there!
Opening presents

She got a musical Peter Pan pop-up book from Pappy and Grandma!

The cake

Being bashful while everyone sang



Auntie Em was in town from NY!

Daddy's girl