September 9, 2011

Audia's First Day of School

So, not only was yesterday Audia's birthday, but it was her first day of preschool as well! She's attending twice a week for 2.5 hours and is in a class of 16 kids, with 2 teachers. In order to avoid making the first day too overwhelming (and also at the request of the director of the preschool, who intelligently asked parents to just "drop and go" on the first day), I didn't bring my camera along to drop her off. I figure there will be plenty of oppertunities to get photos of her at school throughout the year. So, I took her 'first day' photo at home, and she insisted that it be taken with Peter Pan. 

You'll notice that she has her infamous "Michael Jackson Sock," as we call it. She very rarely will wear two socks at once unless she has shoes on over them.

I was a bit nervous about dropping her off yesterday, but our brave little girl, although a bit quieter than her normal, talkative self, walked in without a glance back. I was so proud! Chris and I picked her up together so we could get a special birthday lunch afterwards, and she was in great spirits. She said she had a lot of fun, and last night at bedtime even asked if she could go back again today. I'd call it a success! I am really looking forward to seeing all that the school year holds for our munchkin!