January 12, 2012

Callen at 7 months

7 months! No well check this month, so stats are approximate, but I'm measuring him at 21 lbs on the nose and 30 inches long! Granted he is quite the squirmy wormy these days, so getting his length is a bit challenging to say the least. He has all four of his front teeth now. The top right came in around Christmas and the top left took the longest of all his teeth by far, starting around New Years and just breaking through a couple of days ago. I always think babies look so funny when their teeth are just starting to come through, probably because it looks like their teeth are chipped or something. He kind of reminds me of an old black-and-white movie hobo. You know, the kind that carries one of those hankercheif sacks on a stick. LOL.

Just this week, he finally figured out how to pull himself forward using his arms, army-crawl style. He also has just recently started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. He still isn't super keen on sitting. He'll do it, sometimes for a minute or two at a time, but only if there is absolutely nothing of interest in his line of sight. If he sees a toy or his sister or the cat, he immediately falls to his side, rolls to his belly, and starts trying to get whatever it is that has caught his eye.

He's also still not very interested in eating baby food. He starts out strong, usually opening his mouth for 2 or 3 bites, but then clamps up. I think we might try some cubed, steamed fruits and veggies this weekend. I have a feeling he might be more interested if it's something that he can put into his mouth himself.

Personality-wise, our little laid back sweetie is still that. He loves to 'flirt' with people, smiling at them and then looking away, just to look again a second later and see if you're still smiling. I wish I were more eloquent these days; there are little nuances about his personality that I yearn to put to words but am having a hard time finding the words for. He is just this sweet, silly, curious, clever, funny, engaging, little man, and I love him more than words!