January 5, 2009

New Friends and a Case of the Sniffles

Audia has her first cold. The poor dear has had a case of the sniffles since late last week, but today it's really turned into a full fledged cold. Since this morning she's been much more congested, needing saline drops and nose suctioning every couple of hours (I never knew such a small person could produce so much snot. Yuck!), she's been sleeping a lot more than usual, and she's running a slight fever (very slight...99.1). But, as she's been proving to us since she was born, she's one heck of a resiliant girl, and even with this cold, she's still her smiley self for the most part. Fussy or not, this girl loves to smile.

Our friends B and S came over last night with their daughter, E, who's 3 weeks younger than Audia. While they don't really interact much yet, it was fun to see them look at eachother; when one would fuss, the other would look at her as if to say "what the heck is making that noise?". It's also neat to see that E is pretty similar to Audia personality-wise. They are both pretty active, kicking and grabbing and squirming. I am sure they will have a blast chasing eachother around when they get older. It's nice to know that even when we move to MN, we'll still be able to see B,S, and E once a year; they head up to Wisconsin once a year, usually by way of Minneapolis. It's really nice to have friends to hang out with who are at the same place in life. There are some things that only other parents can truly understand. ;-)


Sarah Lilly

You are right, they are so much alike!! Sorry to hear little Audia is so much sicker. I hope she gets over it quick, it took Emme a good week and a half so I'm sure she will kick it in no time. I feel your pain though, Emme hated having her boogers sucked too :)


I hope she feels better, poor thing! Good thing she's still smiling! Wouldn't expect anything else from happy baby:-)