January 18, 2009

Sleep Training*

For a while now, Chris and I have been trying to figure out the best time and best way to sleep train Audia. I've been doing research and reading on infant care and development since well before Audia was born, and the subject of sleep training is extremely common in all books and websites I've come across; so much so, that it is something I've simply come to think of as necessary at some point in every baby's life. I've even been questioning my gut instinct because these so-called "experts" make it sound like if your baby doesn't fall asleep on it's own and sleep through the night by the time she's x pounds or x months old, she will have a lifetime of problems. Even though in Japan (which has the lowest number of infant deaths due to SIDS), the vast majority of mothers nurse their babies to sleep (and cosleep with them) until they're 1-2 years old, and they grow up to be intelligent, well-rounded individuals. I feel like these books are written to make parents feel inadequate so that they go out and buy more books. Thank you, corporate America.

Anyway, point is that we've decided the whole sleep training thing, while some may find it useful and necessary and whatnot, is a bit overrated. I'll be damned if someone will make me feel like my gut instinct should come second to some stranger (whose kids, if they even have any, are individuals just like my daughter is an individual) and their school of thought on how my daughter should be raised. I found a blog online that really hit home with me; I don't think this woman is an expert, but she is a mother, and her opinion falls directly into step with mine. Check it out: http://moxie.blogs.com/askmoxie/2006/01/qa_11weekold_an.html

Bottom line is, for all you mothers out there, YOU know your child better than anyone. Don't let anyone make you doubt your abilities as a mom. Educate yourself as much as possible, sure, but don't let what you learn come between your gut instinct and your babies needs. I, myself, am confident that Audia is going to be just fine, regardless of whether or not she learns to self-soothe in the next 2 or 4 or 12 months.

*Training a baby to sleep, not taking a train somewhere while you're sleeping. :-)



I agree that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to getting your baby to sleep. If you are comfortable with the way things are going and comfortable with rocking/nursing Audia to sleep, then go with it:-) My problem was when it would take over an hour to soothe Abby to sleep for a very brief nap or she would need me to soothe her to sleep several times a night and neither of us were getting quality sleep. That's when fuss it out really worked well for me. It seems, though, that Audia has a much easier sleep temperment than Abby does, and so there really is no need right now to sleep train. She is still pretty young anyway. She'll get it! Hang in there and like I said, if you are fine with it, then don't worry:-)


First, thanks for the asterisk so dummies like me understand what you're talking about.

Secondly, I'm glad (and not a least bit surprised) you're fighting The Man and are going with your gut. You go girl!