January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

A year ago yesterday, a little plus sign changed our lives forever. It feels like AGES ago that we were just finding out we were pregnant; heck, it feels like AGES ago that I was going into labor, about to meet the new love of my life. It is astonishing how much can change in one short year. And it feels like the older I get, the faster the years go and the more that changes within those years. Before I know it, I'll be dying gray hairs.

The rest of our visit to Minnesnowta was nice. We enjoyed spending time with good friends and family. The snow bocce ball party was fun despite my not being able to play this year; I always enjoy seeing all of my MN friends so much, and it was fun to introduce Audia to everyone, even though she was exceptionally fussy due to what I believe is teething. She's been chewing on anything and everything she can get into her mouth and drooling like crazy, and I got my first tooth when I was four and a half months old, so I think it's a decent possibility. We've been doing the best we can to sooth her poor gums; some days are better than others. But I digress. The rest of our visit was nice, despite the cold I came down with. The flight back was MUCH better than the flight out there. Audia took normal naps, and thanks to Chris' ability to sheild us by holding up a blanket (as opposed to my throwing the blanket over my shoulder and her head), she ate normally too. No ear troubles on the way up or down, and she was easily entertained on the plane when she wasn't sleeping (thank goodness!) On a side note regarding the whole flying with baby thing, have any of you mothers out there noticed that your baby has what I lovingly refer to as "Poopsplotions" (combination of Poop and Explosion) on the decent? Audia's done this on both flights. Either it's coincidence or it has something to do with the pressure change.

As much as I enjoyed our two weeks in snowy marshmallow wonderland, I am so glad to be home. To walk out of the airport in a short sleeved shirt and not be uncomfortable was a wonderful feeling. And I think Audia is glad to be back too. Although I know she enjoyed spending time at grandma and grandpa's, she's been taking much longer naps since we returned (and she actually took her first 2 hour nap since she was about a month old! Yay!) and has been going to bed much more easily at night (aka I only have to bounce her for 10 mins instead of 30). I do think she has caught a bit of a cold, but as of now it is only some minor congestion and doesn't seem to be bothering her too much. Hopefully it stays minor.

It amazes me how much has changed in the two weeks we were gone; being away and then returning to some of the toys we weren't able to take with gives us a bit of a different perspective on how fast she really is growing. Toys that she used to just bat at she is now skillfully grabbing on the first try and putting in her mouth. She's outgrown the middle height setting on her exersaucer already, and we've now had to put it on the highest one. She bounces with much more force in her doorway jumper than she did before. And she now practically does push ups in her crib when she rolls onto her tummy. I wouldn't be suprised if she started crawling tomorrow with how crazy active she is on her belly; I can just see those little wheels turning in her head, wanting so badly to get up and move around on her own.

I think we may start trying to sleep train her next week. We'll see how the next few days go; my gut still says that we should be following her lead when it comes to how she naps and goes to bed at night (she is ONLY a quarter of a year old, after all) and the changes in her habits since we've returned to AZ lead me to believe that I am right in following my gut, but if she regresses at all and this is just a fluke, I think some sleep training will be needed. If nothing else, to help her learn how to fall asleep on her own. But there's still this part of me that thinks she'll do it on her own when she's ready. My logical mind and my gut instinct are on the outs over the whole sleep training thing. I wish they would just come to some sort of compromise already.......



Well, I obviously have some thoughts on this post (how could anyone not?):

- As much as I love the term you use, I don't think I'll ever ever ever be ready to deal with a "Poopslotion".

- Heck yes she bounces with force in her doorway jumper, she loves that thing and everything (and everyone) associated with it.

- She sounds like a Navy SEAL in training with all the progress she's been making. I hope I stay on her good side.

- I mistook "sleep train" for taking her on a train and seeing if she sleeps (I thought "where are thy going now")...I still have a lot to learn.


Poopsplosion! Haha, you crack me up! Sorry hun, no insights on that. Thank God, Abby has NEVER pooped on a plane (and she has flown 13 times!) so I'm thinking it is probably a coincidence. Abby did have MANY poopsplosions at that age though (at least two a day), so don't feel too bad.

Good luck with the sleep training. Follow your gut for now. Eventually your gut and logic will agree and you'll know what to do. At least she is taking better naps! Hooray for Audia! I hope it continues for you:-)