February 11, 2009

Sun bonnets and dresses

Well, bonnet #2 is still a little on the big side, but I figure she'll grow into it :-)

I had enough fabric left over to attempt a sundress, for which I found a free pattern online. It's cute, but there are a few things I'd do a bit differently second time around, namely adding a zipper or snaps so I don't have to pull the thing up over her diaper, and make "normal" straps. The tie straps are cute, but a pain to tie every time I put the thing on her. I am guessing the pattern designer does not have a baby of her own.

I've had a lot of fun having sewing projects to work on (I'm a pretty project-oriented person), and it's pretty cool that I spent a total of about 7 bucks on fabric and managed to make two bonnets and a dress (and I still have a bit of fabric left over....maybe enough for a shirt or something). Perhaps I'll be making more of Audia's clothes for her in the future.



Oh, I wish I were as motivated as you to complete projects like that. Cute!

Sarah Lilly

Oh that's so cute, I love the dress. How crafty!