February 23, 2009

Teeth, Babbling, and Visitors!

Audia's second tooth finally cut the gum late last week. Thank goodness! She seems much more comfortable, and as a result, much less fussy now that it's finally broken through. I've heard that teething gets progressively less painful for babies as they get more and more teeth...I sure hope this is the case for our little one. I hate seeing her in pain and not being able to do anything about it!

She's been babbling up a storm these days; her most repeated sound currently is "Ma" which is so much fun. I like pretending that she knows what she's saying when she says "Mama" over and over.

I think she's weeks away from crawling (Chris thinks days, but I'm holding my breath for a little more time before we have a totally mobile baby). She is getting stronger by the day, and is scooting quite a bit with her legs. She can life her entire torso with her arms, so now it's just a matter of her figuring out how to put the two together. Eeek!

We had a busy, fun weekend, as my best friend Jenne was in town. Audia was unsure of her at first, but after a couple of hours, was comfortable and enjoying her company almost as much as I did :-) We had a picnic on Sunday, which was a blast, and it was pretty funny to see Audia's reaction to the grass on her bare feet. Below are a sample of photos from the weekend; as always, the rest can be seen on my site.



Awww...don't you love hearing "mama"? And you never know...she may be saying it to you...she's a smart cookie! I hate to tell you this, but if she's doing all you say she is, she will probably up and crawl soon. Better double check your babyproofing! They are faster than you think:-)