February 14, 2009

Teeth and Scary Movie Day

I finally managed to get a shot of Audia's first tooth. They taught us in Photo I that timing is everything when shooting animated objects; one second can make or break a shot, and thus, you should always take a roll or two of your subject (back in the days of film.....*nostalgic sigh*). So, of about 15 photos, this is the only one where you can actually see (kind of) her tooth peaking through her gums:See a bigger version here. (And get a load of those eyes! They look Aquamarine here....so pretty!) Today, I noticed that the second tooth is starting to emerge. It's right below the surface, and I'm sure will break the gum today or tomorrow. Which explains why she has seemed so uncomfortable and has been so needy the past few days, yesterday and today especially. Hopefully some Tylenol will help her feel a bit more like herself!

On another note, Happy Scary Movie Day! (Valentine's day to all of you saps out there) This month I have been blessed with two scary movie days in a row; Friday the 13th yesterday and V-day today. I do wonder how we will go about (and IF we will go about) introducing the pleasure of scary movie day to Audia as she gets older. She does seem to like to be startled, so I am hoping that she has an affinity for frightening things like her mom, but it will be interesting to see how and if we celebrate Scary Movie Day when she's old enough to actually understand the meaning of the word "scary" and that the red icing on my decapitated cookies is supposed to be blood......I am guessing this will be the last year we celebrate Scary Movie Day for at least 8 or 9 years. How sad.

Check out this cool invitation Chris made back in 2006



Yay for her first tooth! And those eyes are beautiful:-) I still have no idea what color Abby's are...they look different to me every day. Oh well.