June 23, 2009

She's Back!

Audia seems to be over her teething, at least temporarily, and my sweet, funny, happy little sprite is back! YAY! No new teeth have officially cut the gum, but I can see one on the bottom just below the surface. Hopefully either A) it will be another week or two before it decided to continue it's journey or B) it simply has stopped hurting her and will not hurt as it does finish cutting through.

The past couple of days have been hot and sticky. Minnesota hot is soooo different from Arizona hot. I would take 90 and humid-as-hell over 110 and dry any day, but would much prefer 100 and dry to 90 and humid-as-hell. It really is true that it's the humidity that kills you. Anyways, I went out and bought a new swim suit yesterday so that we could take Audia to the pool today. And boy, am I glad we did! She LOVES swimming! She was kicking and squealing and babbling pretty much the whole time. I wasn't such a fan of water at her age, so I am glad that she likes it so much.
I can't get over how smart our little monkey is; every day she is doing something new. She's been "AT-AT" (like from Star Wars) walking all over the back yard to avoid letting the grass touch her knees, and just a day or two ago started pointing at things she wants or is interested in. I also could swear to God that she's said "Hi" four or five times, and actually meant to say "Hi", as opposed to random babbling that ends up being words. She's been testing us a lot more lately, doing things just to see what kind of reaction she gets, and unfortunately she's also started hitting people in the face to get their attention....I am doing everything I can not to take it personally and am hoping she gets over it quickly. I'm told it's a common thing for babies around a year old to do. 98% of the time, though, she is sooooo sweet and cute and funny and just SO MUCH FUN! She gives hugs and laughs when I laugh; it is so rewarding being her mom :-)

New borns are cute for sure, but I am just loving this age where she is learning and interacting so much!



This is such a fun age isn't it? I'm sure she is saying "Hi". Smart little girl:-)