July 1, 2009

The Cottage!

Well, we arrived at the cottage yesterday afternoon. A week up at the lake, just the three of us (with the potential for a day visit from my BFF and her BF) is just what the doctor ordered, for sure. It's overcast today but the forecast for the rest of our visit is sunny and warm. Swimming, fishing, BBQing, fishing, relaxing, fishing, napping, photographing, fishing...... Give me a lake, a boat, and a roof over my head and I'm happy as a clam.

Audia woke up with the sun this morning at 4:45 but thankfully she went back to bed around 6:15 and slept with me until 9:30. I think she's a born fisherwoman; up when the fish are :-) Lea would be proud. I've been researching various rigs for bass fishing and am hoping to test them all out. Bought a heavier action rod and some large offset hooks. I wish I could tell my auntie Lea how happy I am that she introduced me to fishing. I wish I could fish with her now.

We bought Audia an infant life jacket in hopes that we can all go out in the boat and Chris and I can take turns fishing....trial run this morning didn't go so well; after about three minutes, Audia was already fed up with the jacket and squirming and crying, trying to wiggle her way out of it. I am hopeful that catching her on a sunnier day, right after a nice long nap we will have better results.....



Oh, sounds like so much fun! I wish i was there with you guys:-)