July 17, 2009

Sewing 101

I made Audia another dress. This one, thankfully, fits her a bit better than the first one I made. I decided to make it a couple sizes larger than what she was wearing when I started, which turned out to be a very wise choice. I started it when we were still living in AZ, and she will be fitting into it 'perfectly' in the next month or so.

I'd love to make her a couple more, but she really doesn't wear dresses very often so I guess I'll have to find something else I can make with the yards of fabric I purchased. Or maybe make dresses for other babies I know. Though I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm a good enough seamstress to be making gifts just yet. Maybe that's just the perfectionist in me talking, though.

As a side note/wondering....who the hell writes the verbiage for sewing patterns, and have they graduated High School? Or even the 9th grade? I had to re-read multiple steps in the damn pattern, looking at the step before and after, as well as the illustrations, multiple times before I understood what the heck they were trying to say. I can only hope that it was a bad translation from another language...although something tells me that's not the case.



Okay, supermom...love the dress! She looks like such a big girl in it:-)


Wow! That's a sweet dress! I wish my mom would have made stuff like that for me when I was little....she made a dinosaur costume once...but I don't want to talk about it.

And she doesn't wear dresses very much? Don't YOU get to pick out what she wears or am I missing something?