July 10, 2009

10 Months!

In 2 months, Audia is going to be a year old. A YEAR! My, how time flies.

Audia turned 10 months old on Wednesday! She is now 21 lbs (give or take a few oz; our scale doesn't show ounces, unfortunately) and 30 inches long. Now we know why she was exceptionally fussy earlier in the month; not only was she teething, but she had one heck of a growth spurt!

She's been standing on her own more and more frequently, and for longer and longer periods of time. She loves taking sips of water from our adult cups or bottles, and finally seems to grasp the concept behind her sippy cups (other than just chewing on them).

While it is still difficult to say for certain (how does anyone really determine what a child's first word is??), I'm pretty sure she knows what she's saying when she says "Hi", "Dada" and "Mama". She claps every time someone says "Yay!" and waves every time she hears someone say "Hi" or "Bye". She comes to us when we say "Audia, come here, please." and usually stops what she's doing if we say "No." Since we've been back from the cottage, she now likes to stand at the screen door and yell and wave at passersby. She's certainly not shy!

She's been sleeping through the night for a while now, but more recently she's been getting consistant about how long she's sleeping; 12 hours a night and two hour to hour-and-a-half naps a day.

My parents bought her a toy cell phone because she is so obsessed with ours and she LOVES the thing! It's a flip phone and it rings after it's been closed for a little while; every time it rings, she claps and bounces up and down. I'll try to get it on video one of these days. It is the cutest!