July 6, 2009

Cottage Part Deux

Day 6 at the cottage and we could not have asked for better weather! It was overcast the day we got here, but from Thursday on, it's been partly cloudy to mostly sunny and in the upper 70's the entire time we've been here. It's definitely the most busy I've ever seen Horseshoe lake....to be expected over the weekend of the Fourth.....but we have been enjoying ourselves nonetheless. We've also been lucky in that both Chris and I have only been bitten once each by mosquitoes; other people I know who were at their cabins this weekend were eaten alive. We are having such a good time, and the weather outlook is so good, that we've decided to stay an extra day, and will be returning Wednesday rather than tomorrow.

Audia seems to feel right at home here, and is proving herself to be one fearless little girl! Playing on the beach, she crawls right into the water, no hesitation whatsoever, and splashes and plays there. She loves crawling up to the big bay window in the living room, standing at it and yelling and waving at the speed boats and pontoons as they pass. I like to pretend she's yelling "go home!" but I am sure she's just saying "hi" ;-)
We kept her up on Saturday night to see the fireworks that were set off by a group across the lake; definitely no fear there! She loved watching them with daddy, and I find it pretty amusing that she couldn't care less about the loud booms they made but is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Watching fireworks with Daddy

She's really started to get into music while we've been up there; she bounces up and down anytime any music (with or without a decent beat) starts to play.
Her fifth and sixth teeth have both cut the gum since we've been here as well. Both are on the bottom, next to the middle teeth, and thankfully she only had one day where they seemed to be bothering her. Since then, she's been a peach.
She's had her first "real" (aka not minced to a paste) hamburger and corn while we've been up here....both of which she's loved. Of course, now that we've allowed her to feed herself these things, she's being a lot more finicky about us feeding her baby food, refusing the spoon unless we place it in her hand and guide it to her mouth. There's no doubt that she's a "do-it-yourself" kinda kid. Both a blessing and a curse ;-)
Corn on the Cob!

We've caught quite a few fish up here; I had a killer start, but the fishing's slowed down a bit for me, and Chris started off slow, but has killed 'em the past couple days. Ahhh the ebbs and flows of life. LOL. We've caught enough bass to have two meals so far and I'm hoping we'll catch enough to bring some home. There's nothing better than fresh bass for dinner (that is, aside from fresh panfish ;-)) Audia still hates her life jacket so we've been taking turns fishing. It's forcing me to learn both how to drive the boat and how to unhook my own fish, which is a good thing.
"What's that?"



I'm so glad you are having so much fun!!! Fresh bass sounds wonderful right about now. Catch a fish for me, will ya? :-)