September 29, 2009

Fall has fallen....or something......

They say "spring has sprung" but what do you say when fall has arrived? "Beware of winter!" perhaps....

It's finally fall here in the Minne. It arrived later than usual, mercifully. Don't get me wrong. I like fall. I love the smell of fallen leaves and fireplace smoke and seeing all the glorious colors,and drinking apple cider, and hearing the strong winds that howl and rattle the windows from time to time (but not so much lately, because my parents got new windows a few years ago), and of course, I love having the excuse to knit like a madwoman! I haven't experienced a real fall for years....about a decade, actually....and I am happy to experience the change of the seasons. But I would like to prolong my re-introduction to winter as long as possible, so fall's late arrival is fine by me. In fact, it can hang around for as long as it would like. Heck, why not stay until spring??

Audia is still sleeping in her crib at night, and without too much hassle. The first couple of nights she went down pretty easily but woke up a couple times a night, crying and saying "up! up! up! up! up!" which made me laugh and cry simultaneously. But now she is pretty much sleeping through the night, straight for 12 hours. Though now she starts crying when we get to the end of her bedtime routine.....storytime has gone from 10 minutes to about 2 minutes (luckily she still loves being read to during the day) because she anticipates my leaving. Some nights she wants nothing to do with Chris as soon as the sun goes down. She's hoping, I suppose, that if she ignores him, he won't put her to bed. But she still is falling asleep in 10 to 20 minutes, so that's good. I don't suppose many kids look forward to bedtime.

We went apple picking this weekend with N, D, and A. Well, I lie. We were going to pick apples. That was the plan, and the entire idea behind going to the orchard in the first place. But at $30 bucks a bag (a bag holds 20-25 apples), we decided to take a walk through part of the orchard, have lunch, and just look at the apples instead. We can buy locally grown apples much cheaper at the grocery store, thank you very much!! We had a great time, regardless. I know I've said it before, and I'll probably say it a million times more, but I am so happy that they've moved back to MN! We had such a good time with them, as always. And it is so fun to see the girls get to know one-another...they seem to recognize eachother more and more each time we get together.

Unfortunately, Chris will be going to IL again next week to work for his dad. We figure that until he gets a job here, he can't turn down work. He'll work there one week a month until he finds a full-time job up here. The hunt continues.