September 11, 2009

One Year Old!

It's official! Audia's a toddler. Well, she pretty much was before, what with all her toddling around, but now her age says so too. :-)

The past week has been pretty busy, but here's the basic rundown:

Saturday we went to the MN State Fair with our dear friends, N and D, and their daughter, A, who is one week older than Audia. We had a great time! Going to the fair with other people can sometimes be like going to Las Vegas with other people....there is SO much to see, and everyone wants to see something different so it can end up being a bit of a headache. Not with N and D, though :-) I am so happy that they have moved back to MN! Not only to have friends who are at the same point in lives and a child the same age as ours, but to have friends who are as laid back as we are, who enjoy doing the same things that we do. It truly is a blessing having them here.

We had a nice party for Audia with some of my parents friends (aka my surrogate aunts and uncles) on Sunday. It was a very nice day; laid back, with beautiful weather.
Monday we went to Audia's BFF's first birthday party. It is so much fun to watch them interact with one-another!

Tuesday was Audia's actual birthday. We went to Como Zoo and Conservatory with N, D, and A during the day, and it was so much fun! It was kind of a last minute decision to go there (we decided on Monday), but it was a great choice. The Zoo is one of only 4 free zoos in the country (but we donated. it's hard to justify not donating when you go!), and it's the perfect size for younger children, in my opinion. Plus the conservatory is beautiful. I think the girls really enjoyed themselves. I know I did! The extra cool thing about our going is that Audia received a gift in the mail yesterday from her Aunt A and Uncle J, and it is a tree planted at Como Park in her name! Talk about kismet! Going to Como Zoo for her birthday will have to be a tradition from now on :-)

That night, we did presents from us and my parents, and let her try her first piece of cake. Boy did she love that cake! Not for eating so much as for making a mess with! It is so funny, too, because A barely touched her cake at her party on Monday. Must be nice to have a child who doesn't like making a mess.....I can only imagine! LOL.

Yesterday Audia had her 1 year check up. I still really like Dr. S. She is patient and thorough, and not once did we feel at all like she was rushed or in a hurry to get onto the next patient. Audia seems to like her too; as soon as she walked into the room and sat down, Audia crawled over, sat by her feet, and said "Hi!" about 7 times. hehe!

Audia is doing really well; she's 21 lbs, 7 oz and 31 inches long. That puts her in the 50th percentile for weight and the 97th percentile for height.

In between all this, we're trying to get my photo website up and running, and I've been editing photos like crazy both for the site and for us. Plus, Audia's taking more and more steps on her own, without holding onto anything. Yesterday she hit her current record of about 8 steps. So, I'm having mini heart attacks almost daily! I certainly am feeling like I'm running on empty this past week, but I've been trying to knit when I get a helps me to keep my "zen", if you can even call it that.
Tomorrow we are having her official birthday party, and I'm really hoping the weather holds out! Then, next week we will be heading to the cottage one last time this summer, to meet up with our friends B and S and their daughter E. After that maybe I'll get a chance to relax ;-)



I can't tell you how hard it was to keep the tree a secret after I saw you went to Como Zoo!! I am beyond thrilled that you guys love the gift and I'm glad to help establish a tradition for Audia! See you tomorrow at her birthday party!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUDIA!!! I can't believe that is has been a whole YEAR since I saw you guys:-( And I can't believe how big she is compared to that tiny little peanut I held when she was just a couple days old. Wow. Life really has changed. Hope to see you guys soon! I miss and love you all!