February 16, 2011

Cooking with Audia

Audia's favorite thing to play these days is "cooking show." She got a play kitchen for Christmas, which I think helped to kick it off. Then, we caught the end of "30 minute meals" on the Food Network a few weeks ago. Now she regularly asks to watch cooking shows on TV (but, amusingly enough, only if a woman is doing the cooking....she has no interest in watching Jaime Oliver or Bobby Flay), she always asks Chris to help him cook dinner, and she plays "cooking show" withboth Chris and I pretty much every single day. Basically, she cooks things and tells us what she's doing while she's doing it. We get to watch. She almost always makes up funny names for the things she's cooking, the most common being "Diego," "Biego," and "Fondo." Here are some photos of her in action.



So cute!!!! Abby's been doing that a lot too....mostly pretending to make her Dora birthday cupcakes, but it's funny that she gives a play-by-play while she's doing it. Maybe Audia will have her own show one day and become rich and famous (and support her parents in their old age;))


No Jamie Oliver!?!?

And she calls herself a chef! Hrumph!