February 4, 2011

Exciting News

We had our anatomy ultrasound today, and to our delight (but not our surprise,) discovered that we are indeed having a little boy! Chris and I couldn't be more thrilled to have our suspicions confirmed. I have always hoped for at least one of each, and to have that come to fruition with our first two children is fantastic. That isn't to say there will or won't be more children to come....we are taking it one kid at a time :-)

Our little dude is healthy as can be, and aside from his legs (which are a week and 3 days "ahead of the curve") is measuring perfectly normally for my due date. Now we just have to pick a name for him! I will admit that we are having a much more difficult time finding boy names that we like than we did finding girl names, but there are a couple we've been discussing and we still have a while to figure that out.

This pregnancy has seemed to FLY by compared to my pregnancy with Audia. I cannot believe that I am already past the halfway point! Having a toddler to keep us busy and preoccupied has a lot to do with that, I am sure! This pregnancy has also been quite a bit easier on my figure and on my appearance; I was already overweight when I got pregnant with Audia, so when I started to get bloated and gain weight, I ballooned out like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This time around, I was at a MUCH healthier weight to begin with (38 lbs lighter!) and my weight gain seems to be slower, and thankfully pretty much sticking to my belly. I also have experienced quite a bit less acne this time, though that may be due to the acne regimen that I've been using for a bit over a year now.

We are so excited to meet our little guy! And Audia still (thankfully!) seems really excited to be a big sister. If any of you have any suggestions for unique/unusual boy baby names, I'm all ears!