February 26, 2011

Craft Monster

If you know me fairly well IRL, you already know that I am a bit of a craft fiend. I could literally spend an entire day at a craft store if you let me. I don't claim to be very good at any particular craft, but the beauty of crafting is you really don't NEED to be perfect. Imperfection is what makes a piece special and personal, and I certainly think that nothing is better than a gift that is made for YOU; one that really comes from the heart.

While I pretty much always have some sort of knitting project going (below is a photo of the blanket I've been working on for Callen), the past few weeks I've tried a couple of new types of projects, and I've been extremely pleased with the outcomes.
I bought a 5 pack of white onesies on sale before we knew for sure that Callen was a boy, and decided to try my hand at hand-made appliques. I didn't follow any instructions; I just bought some double-sided fusible web, scraps of different fabric, and drew out a couple of basic animal shapes I wanted to try. It was super simple to do (aside from the tedious hand-sewing I did around the edges), and really is such a great way to personalize an otherwise boring article of clothing. Audia, of course, saw the onesies and wanted one too, so I appliqued one of her shirts for her.

These are votive candle holders that I decorated with tissue paper and glue mixed with water. I found the 'how to' here, and had to try it. It is super easy and totally fun!

I hope that I can share my love of crafts someday with Audia and Callen. Though, admittedly, even if they aren't into them, it won't damper my interest any. Once a craft monster, always a craft monster!