November 10, 2008

2 Month Stats

So...drumroll, please!
Audia is 13lbs 11oz, 24.25 inches long, and in the 97th percentile for both! Doc says her head control is amazing, still, for her age. (we knew that, tho ;-)

She got two vaccines today and we'll be going in next week for the other two. We decided that we'd prefer that she doesn't get more than two vaccines at a time; the four doses that she could have gotten all at once today would be the equivalent of giving an average-sized adult 70 shots at once. No need to put her little system under so much stress if it can be avoided.

Doc also said it looks like she's getting the starts of curls in her hair....Uh oh!! Not that curly hair is a bad thing; I am entirely jealous of my curly-headed friends. But I don't know how to manage curly hair!! I've had stick straight hair my whole life! Hopefully I'll figure out how to manage her hair before she's in elementary school; I'd hate for her to be a laughing stock just because I'm challenged :-)



Awesome!! She's getting LONG! The very belated "happy BIRTH" gift we sent will hardly fit...