November 5, 2008


So, Audia slept another 5.5 hour stretch last night. She hasn't slept a full 7 hrs again yet, but since that night she's been sleeping one 5-6 hour stretch almost every night, which has been WONDERFUL. The next step will be getting her to sleep for more than 15 minutes in her bassinette during the day. She sleeps in it just fine at night, but during the day she prefers to nap on me. If I put her in it while she's 'awake but drowsy', she wakes right up and wants to play. If I put her in it while she's asleep, she doesn't last more than 15 minutes before she's screaming. This wasn't much of an issue for me while I was 'restricted' and couldn't do anything anyways, but now that my incision is healed and I can actually move around, it's becoming a bit of an inconvenience to have her with me every second that she's sleeping. And here's the ironic part: when she's awake, she's perfectly fine laying in her bassinette, just looking around and cooing to herself. What gives?? I've heard of sleep training for nighttime sleeping issues, but who knew you had to sleep train during the day?
Any moms out there with advice...I'm all ears!!

Chris and Audia watching the election:



Abby did the same thing...Even up until a month ago she wouldn't sleep more than EXACTLY 30 minutes at a time. Frustrating. I would just try making her room as dark as possible and maybe trying white noise (i have a cd of ocean noises playing over and over again - I can send it to you if you want). That helped extend Abby's naps to at least 1/2 hour. You could also get a sling that she could sleep in while allowing you to be hands free and get stuff done. I've heard these are nice: Good luck!