November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!

So it's election day! Chris and I did early voting, so we won't be joining the masses at the polls today. I am anxious to see the outcome of this election, but I am not as revved up as a lot of people are this year about voting. After Bush won in 2000 even though the popular vote was for Gore, it's sort of like what's the point in voting at all? That election showed that our individual votes basically mean jack squat. I feel like the majority of the US population don't understand this, but I am happy to see so many people interested in politics for once.

In honor of election day, I've created a little poll of my own. Now that Audia is looking a bit older, it is easier to compare her to baby photos we have of ourselves. But I still can't decide who she looks more like. So help us out! Who do you think she looks more like? (poll at the bottom of this post)




This was a tough one....I picked you only because she looks like a little girl (because she is a little girl, duh). But honestly she really is a good mix of both of you.