November 24, 2008

Busy Busy

It's been a while since my last update. My parents have been in town since Tuesday and will be here until Saturday.

We have been simultaneously busy and relaxing while they've been here; it's a much different experience from their dozens of previous visits out here. Previously we would go out and do things all day long, checking out new restaurants for dinner each night. Life with an infant is much more laid back; we're spending a lot more time relaxing at home. We have done a bit of shopping, visited my cousins on Saturday, and had a picnic at the park with Chris' siblings and their loved ones on Sunday.

Audia has been doing pretty well in these social situations; she is perfectly content to watch everyone and nap amongst the commotion as long as she's being held by Chris or me. It's when she starts getting passed around that she grows really fussy really fast. My mom thinks she's a "sensitive" baby. I think that she is only comfortable with what she knows. And who could blame her? 99% of her life has been spent with only Chris and I. It's not like we have friends and family in and out of our house all day long. The more time she spends with family, the more comfortable she'll become with them.

The first two nights my parents were here, she woke up twice a night, which worried me, but she's fallen back into her old pattern, thank goodness. She sleeps from between 8:30 and 9:30 until 4, eats, and then sleeps from 4:15 til 8 or 9.

She is becoming more and more alert and mature and interactive by the day; The little coos and squeaks that she makes at me just melt my heart. Chris says she is most definitely a girl (not that there was every any question!) because of how high pitched some of her little squeaks are. :-) She spends a lot more of her feeding time grinning up at me (which is both extremely adorable and frustrating; what used to be 10 minute feedings have turned into 15-20 minutes because she spends so much time smiling!) When she fusses now, she "talks" a lot more, which makes it hard not to laugh at her (hopefully she won't get a complex!). She's found her thumb a couple of times now, although she still hasn't locked in and started sucking on it. And she's still growing like a weed! I measured her today and she's 25 inches already. That's 3/4ths of an inch in two weeks! I just adore watching her grow; it feels like every day brings some new discovery :-)

We'll be having a quiet Thanksgiving this year, just the five of us. We've hosted Thanksgiving the past two years and while I will miss spending Turkey Day with the whole fam, I am looking forward to focusing on it being a relaxing day with my wonderful parents, amazing hubby, and adorable little love bug. Happy Turkey Day, everyone!